About Us

I am a Photographer Passionate about Capturing the Essence of your Occasion; Your Special Moments that will become Loved Memories.

About Karen:

I live in Rustenburg in the North-West Province of South Africa with my husband, who is my best friend and our two very adorable, very active, little ones.

Since a very young age, I always loved taking photos. I am the person you will always see walking around with a camera, no matter what the occasion.

When I was a student I used to spend my last pocket money on developing my negatives to enjoy those special moments.

The day when I had to choose my career path, photography was not even considered as a career, and so photography continued to be my hobby.

I got an opportunity to do some photography courses and workshops and that is when I realized once again that this is what I really love doing. You can only take so many pictures of your little daughter before she says “no more photos mommy”.

I believe that photos are the keep sake of your precious memories, telling a story of your life and the loved ones in it, and that’s why each photo I take is done with passion and to capture the essence of your story.

This is what I want to give back to you, your life’s memories captured forever, for you and your future generations to enjoy.

Hope to take your photos very soon . . . .

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