COVID-19 – Client Info

atn Photography is passionate to ensure the safety of the client and ourselves.

We will be applying certain rules about how we will operate to ensure a Safe Environment.

Please take some time to read this portion especially before you book a photo session.

  1. All Newborn photo sessions have unfortunately been suspended until further notice.                                      
  2. All clients to wear masks, they may only be removed during the photography session.
  3. Photoshoot register to be filled in upon arrival.
  4. Clients and people accompanying you to the photoshoot should be without any illness for 72 hours prior to the shoot.
  5. Postpone your photo session should you not feel well.
  6. For small shoots we will limit the number of people to attend the shoot to five.
  7. Our camera lenses zoom, so we will not be closer than 1.5m from the client at any time.
  8. All photo sessions will be done outdoors.
  9. Studio sessions will remain outdoors until we can reach an agreement with our vendor for a very large indoor venue.
  10. Weddings will have a different approach and this will be discussed with each client beforehand.
  11. Wedding Clients / Photographers meetings to be done via Zoom or WhatsApp platforms.
  12. All of this info will be on your terms & conditions on the quotations and invoices.

Should any of our photographers fall sick or show any symptoms of COVID-19 you will be notified immediately.

All scheduled appointments will be suspended and rescheduled.