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Invoice Date November 2, 2018
Due Date December 11, 2018
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Family Photo Shoot
15 Dec'18

Good Day Degmah,

Thank you for your booking fee


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
3 Family Photo Shoot

Coverage - Three Hours
40 - 60 Images - If we have more we give more
All Images on Wooden USB
High-Resolution Images Ready For Printing

As your family is abroad, we will upload and share the images via Dropbox to you as well, to get the images to your family quicker.

R 900.00R 2,700.00
1 Venue Hire - Hartley's / Rainhill Farm

The venue we use has a levy to use the property

R 200.00R 200.00
1 Venue Hire for Studio

We use a local church where we setup our studio

R 400.00R 400.00
Sub Total R 3,300.00
Tax R 0.00
Paid -R 3,300.00
Total Due R 0.00

Account Name: All Things Nice Photography
Bank: FNB
Account Type: Business Account
Account No: 62558390755
Branch Code: 202009