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Invoice Date October 29, 2019
Due Date November 2, 2019
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Eliocube Rustenburg Vegas

Shop 25 Lifestyle Square
Cnr. Beyer’s Naude and Von Weilligh Street

Commercial Photos

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Commercial Photos @Eliocube Rustenburg Vegas Bingo

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1 Commercial Photos @ Vegas Slots Rustenburg

1. On-Location Set-up - Photographic and Lighting Equipment

2. Photographing of;
a. Outside of Building
b. Slot Machines
c. Pool Tables
d. Bar Area

3. Editing of all Images

4. Image Quantity - Venue and Accessibility Related

5. Share to Client via Dropbox / WeShare or Google Drive - Hi and Low Resolution Images

6. Traveling Included

R 2,850.00R 2,850.00
Sub Total R 2,850.00
Tax R 0.00
Paid -R 2,850.00
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Account Name: All Things Nice Photography
Bank: FNB
Account Type: Business Account
Account No: 62558390755
Branch Code: 202009