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Invoice Date February 27, 2018
Due Date March 3, 2018
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Model Portfolio

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Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Model Portfolio Photo Shoot

Coverage - One Hour
40 Images - If we have more we give more
All Images on CD
High-Resolution Images Ready For Print

R 1,150.00R 1,150.00
1 Venue Hire

We have a safe and secure venue that we use, there is a cover fee that is being charged by the owner of the land

Should you would like to shoot at another venue this fee is not applicable

The client will then arrange the venue should he/she decides to use an alternative venue
Travel fees may apply if more than 30 Km round trip (From our offices to the venue back)

R 200.00R 200.00
Sub Total R 1,350.00
Tax R 0.00
Paid -R 1,350.00
Total Due R 0.00

Account Name: All Things Nice Photography
Bank: FNB
Account Type: Business Account
Account No: 62558390755
Branch Code: 202009