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Invoice Number INV055
Invoice Date May 10, 2018
Due Date May 26, 2018
Total Due R 0.00
Mrs LRE Morake


Family Studio Shoot

Good Day Mrs Morake,

Thank you for payment

The church has confirmed the venue and rate and all are set


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Large Family Photo Shoot

Coverage - One Hour
20 - 30 Images Images for Studio
All Images on a CD disk
High-Resolution Images Ready For Print

R 1,250.00R 1,250.00
1 Venue Hire

Our Studio is unfortunately not large enough to host 8 people

We would like to suggest a venue to be hired, we have requested a local church and awaiting their response

I am sure it will not be more than R400 but will send an update once the info has been received

This Rate is then tentative @ R400

R 400.00R 400.00
Sub Total R 1,650.00
Tax R 0.00
Paid -R 1,650.00
Total Due R 0.00

Account Name: All Things Nice Photography
Bank: FNB
Account Type: Business Account
Account No: 62558390755
Branch Code: 202009